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ALERT for patients on Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Please be aware that as of August 1, 2010, all female patients that elect to have their Hormone Replacement Therapy prescribed through our office will be required to maintain their annual exams (pelvic/pap, breast exam, etc.) and mammograms directly through our office.

Integrative Patient Care Program FAQs
Here is the link to the enrollment forms:

Why did we decide to change this practice to an Integrative Patient Care Program?
As the medical system has changed, it has compromised doctors' ability to provide personal care to patients. Our job as doctors is to provide the best possible care which, I believe, includes personal attention. We want to be able to assist you in understanding the latest in integrative medicine. We want to be your strongest advocate negotiating the maze of the health care delivery system. A patient deserves full attention to every detail of health. Our Integrative Patient Care Program is a way of limiting the number of patient visits a day in order to ensure the highest quality care.

Why is an Annual Enrollment Fee required?
The Annual Enrollment Fee is a membership, or access, fee to ensure the ability of the practice to maintain the highest standard of care for each and every one of our patients.

Does our insurance cover the Annual Enrollment Fee?
Insurance plans do not cover the Annual Enrollment Fee.

I have a deductible. Can the Annual Enrollment Fee be applied to our deductible?
No, the Annual Enrollment Fee cannot be applied to your insurance deductible. However, if you have a Flex Plan (Section 125), a Medical IRA or a Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to receive reimbursement for the Annual Enrollment Fee with such tax advantaged funds. We recommend that you talk to your employer or tax advisor for more information about this.

Can the Annual Enrollment Fee be applied to my office visit co-pays?
No, the Annual Enrollment Fee cannot be applied to regular office visit co-pays.

How does the Integrative Patient Care Program work with my Health Insurance?
The Integrative Patient Care Program is a membership program that is designed to work in conjunction with, not replace, your traditional health insurance.

If you are insured by a commercial insurance plan you must maintain your health insurance. When you require care, we will assist you in billing your insurance at the usual and customary rate for your office visit. Our fee schedule for 2015 will remain the same. You will also continue to use your commercial health insurance for any visits with medical specialists or for hospital, radiology, and lab services.

What if I don't want to join?
Any patient choosing not to join the Integrative Patient Care Program will be assisted in transferring to another physician and patient records will be provided at a nominal charge. You will no longer be able to receive care at Integrative Medicine Associates.

What are the benefits of membership in this practice?
35 years' expertise in Integrative, Holistic, and Functional Medicine; Board Certified in Longevity Medicine

  • Access to cutting edge diagnostic and treatment modalities not available through conventional medical offices
  • Specialty alternative laboratory test kits on site
  • Professional quality nutritional supplements available for purchase in the office and online
  • Commitment to personalized care with an emphasis on wellness, healthy aging, disease prevention, and early detection of disease
  • In-depth consultations, with enough time available to explore the underlying causes of health problems rather than simply treating the symptoms
  • Direct communication with the office including telephone and email access during office hours, with emergency on-call phone service as needed
  • Timely appointments with our health care providers
  • Co-ordination of specialty referrals
  • Telephone, skype, and email consultations available with patients and family members (an additional fee may apply)

    What do I do when I need a specialist?
    To ensure continuity of care, we are available to coordinate specialist referrals. We believe communication between primary care physicians and sub-specialists is vital to your health.

    I visit the doctor just a few times a year; why should I join the Integrative Patient Care Program?
    Few things are as valuable as your health. We believe that our focus on wellness and Integrative Medicine promotes better health over time, improving your current health status now, and aging more gracefully into the future. Investing in this long term relationship is a wise decision for optimum health and longevity.

    Click here to view the Integrative Care Program annual Enrollment Agreement in Adobe PDF format.

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