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ALERT for patients on Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Please be aware that as of August 1, 2010, all female patients that elect to have their Hormone Replacement Therapy prescribed through our office will be required to maintain their annual exams (pelvic/pap, breast exam, etc.) and mammograms directly through our office.

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Spring 2020 Membership Info
IMA Membership Agreement renewal
Special in 2018 Fall Newsletter
Premera Breach
IV Therapies
Addictive Behavior
Alcohol Awareness
Warning Signs and Strategies
15 Minutes to Combat the Aging Process
This article will make you want to get up and exercise!
Music and Age-related Hearing Loss
Older musicians had a distinct neural timing advantage.
Music-based Multi-tasking May HelpSeniors Move and React Natural Approaches May Help Clear Brain Plaques
Vitamin D-3 and Omega 3 Oils and Alzheimers
Scientists Unveil Potential Treatment for Gray Hair and Skin Condition Vitiligo
Let's, hope for some of us they hurry this treatment along!
Telomeres Tell Longevity And May Provide a Protective Effect on Muscle In Older People
Exciting New Findings. What is a TELOMERE?
Articles: Health Information
Lupus Awareness
Understanding this disease...What is Lupus?
AARP Medications List BioCleanse Plus
Fibromyalgia: an Integrative Approach
by Will Corell, M.D.
by Corell and Serra
How to Decide When to Go to the Emergency Room
Lessening the Confusion of a Trip to the E.R.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness
Know the Signs--You are not alone.
Managing and Healing GERD Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy
IMA newsletter article
Naturopathic Medicine and The Healing Power of Nature
Natural Approaches Negate Cardiovascular Risks
Our Privacy Practices, compliant with HIPAA
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Pump Inhibitors and Risk of Hip Fracture
Are you at risk?
Behavioral Health
'Tis Better to Give Than To Receive?
The health benefits of reaching out this holiday season....
April: Counseling Awareness Month
How can counseling work in your life?
Avoid A Seasonal Meltdown
Keep Holiday Spirits High this Season with EXCERCISE!
How To Live To Be 100: A Cardiologist Explains
A "road map" to a better lifestyle!
Colon Cancer and Chocolate
Does chocolate have a good or bad effect on your colon? Find out!
Colorectal Cancer: Aspirin and Colorectal Cancer
Aspirin Benefits May Include Cancer Prevention
Colon Cancer Awareness
Gain Knowledge-Get Tested!
Colon Cancer Screening
For you and for your loved ones--here is the scoop on screening.
Grapes! This Fall Fruit Excites Cancer Researchers
What is the compound in grapes that just may help with cancer treatment?
Sleep and the Prostate
A new study may link sleep issues to prostate cancer.
Sunscreen Prevents Skin Aging
If the threat of skin cancer doesn't arm you with sunscreen, think anti-aging!
Children's Health
1 in 5 American Youths May Have Hypertension
Poor Nutrition, Lack of Excercise, and Stress Levels Affect Our Greatest Resource: Our Children
Eating Junk Food in Pregnancy
Junk Food Triggers Fat and Sugar Cravings in Babies
Elementary School Gym Class Reduces Obesity Risk
Budget Cuts Effect Schools! Support physical fitness programs in your school system.
Family Meal Time
The vital importance of a family meal together!
Girls and Breast Cancer (updated)
Exercise and lower fat can make a liftetime of difference.
Help Your Kids Stay Active!
Physical Activity in Youth Lowers Fracture Risks Later in Life
Mental Illness Awareness Week: Reaching Troubled Youth in Our Schools
Parents and Schools Must Work in Tandem
Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month
Let's Make this Holiday Season Joyous and SAFE for families!
What Every Parent Needs to Know about Bullying
Information and Ideas to help parents and children cope.
Cold & Flu
Can Zinc Lozenges Shorten Your Cold?
News for the Cold and Flu Season
Cold Or The Flu?
How do you tell?
Flu Shots: Information You Need To Know
WARNING!!! Your flu shot continues to contain toxic mercury! (The following is a notification from the Washington State Medical Association? They want EVERYONE to get flu shots!) Consider increasing your intake of Vitamin D3 as a safer alternative for
HOMEOPATHICS FOR FLU How to Stave Off Colds, Flu, and Other Infection:
by Christopher M. Valley, N.D.
Preventing Colds and Flus
Fall, 2009
Physical Activity and Cognitive Function
Fitness is good for the body AND MIND!
Big Health Gains from Small Steps
Don't be overwhelmed by excercise programs...
Even Short Walks Protect Against Diabetes
Health experts explore inexpensive preventive strategies that may help to prevent the development of type-2 diabetes
Excercise and Alzheimer's Disease
Regular exercise could help prevent brain damage associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's
Excercise for Body AND Mind
Finally, SPRING! The weather is better..get out and walk!
Exercise Reorganizes the Brain
Exercise reduces anxiety while also promoting the growth of new neurons
Tread Lightly!’s Tips for Responsible Camping
Heart Health
Chelation Therapy Reduces Heart Attacks & Death
Call our office to discuss Chelation Therapy available to our patients.
February: National Heart Month
Know the New Predictor of Heart Attack or Stroke! Wear Red for Women's Heart Health on Feb. 3.
How to Improve Your Vitality Ratio
5 Steps to Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally!
Inflammation and Heart Disease
Heart Disease Is Not a Plumbing Problem - It Is an Inflammation Problem
Make Heart-healthy Choices
10 Super Foods for a Happy Heart
Prevention and Treatment Of Hypertension
Christopher M. Valley, N.D.
Recognizing Signs of a Stroke Signs of Heart Attack
Symptoms Everyone should know...
The Middle Weight Problem and The Heart
The problem of weight gain around the mid-section....
Weight Control, Heart Disease and Stroke..All Affected Positively By Short Periods of Exercise!
Two Articles That Should Encourage Everyone to Get Off the Couch!
Mind,Meditation and Yoga
7 Steps For Making a New Year's Resolution
Find out how to make a successful change--and KEEP IT!
Chess Players Help Researchers Understand How We See The World
Simulate your mind--do puzzles, play games.
Meditation: Can It Affect Lonliness?
Find out if you should develop an age-old practice...
Yoga and Back Pain
Ancient Practice Could Save Americans Billions Each Year
Nutrition/Weight Issues
The Problem With Canned Soup
Choose Food Carefully. Concerns about canned soup? Scroll down for healthy recipes.
"BEETS" Blood Pressure
Add beets to your mealplan and garden this summer!
BioCleanse Plus Functional Food - Made with rice, pea, and chlorella protein
Find out how enjoying this summer's bounty of berries can help your brain power!
Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Greater Weight Gain BPA Has A New Hazardous Mechanism
If you haven't bought a BPA free drink bottle..consider one now!
Cheerful Winter Fruit May Benefit Joint and Skin Health Cranberry Juice vs. Extracts
The holiday berry that can help you all year long....
Curry Spice Potential Compound as Alzheimer?s Treatment
Curcumin from Turmeric Rootstalks Gives Hope for a Natural Treatment Option
Diabetes and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 3-s May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes
Ginger extract shows prostate benefits
An extract from ginger may slow growth of prostate tumor cells
Go Nuts for Your Health!
Take along a snack of nuts when you go on your summer outting!
Grapes for Weight Loss and Vision
Exciting News Linking Grapes with Piceatannol to Weight Loss and Better Vision
Iced Tea, A Wonderful Summer Drink
This summer make it GREEN!
Manage Weight to Improve Quality of Life
Health Benefits from Even a Few Pounds Can Show Lasting Benefit
Top Three Health Benefits of Mushrooms
Okinawans Lifestyle for a Long Life: Take the First 3 steps.....
The first steps to take in our series of a healthful lifestyle with tips that apply to everyone.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
A small change can benefit your health in profound ways.....
Soft Drinks and You
Are diet soft drinks bad for you?
Sunny Side Up???
New Studies and the Effect of Eggs on Cardio-vascular disease
The Avocado Advantage
Could it curb your desire to overeat?
The Top 12 Reasons You Can't Shed That Extra Weight
Ideas to Help You Prepare for the Swimsuit Season
Toast With a Cup of Cocoa!
Plant-based foods, can exert cardiovascular benefits.
Sleep Disturbance Increases Risk for Diabetes Sleepless In Seattle? How about SPOKANE??!!
Ten Tips to Improve Your Sleep
Your Internal Clock
Soon Daylight Savings Time Will Be Upon Us! How our bodies deal with circadian rhythm in modern times..
After You Stop Smoking
what happens after days, months and years
New Year Resolution: Stop Smoking
While New Research Is Promising, Cessation is of Vital Importance to Your Health
Tips for Stopping Smoking
Vitamins and Anti-oxidants
Iron and Your Health Magnesium
Do you know how important the mineral can be for your health? Here are 16 signs of a magnesium deficiency.
Omega-3s Aid in Cancer Battle
Omega 3's affect squamous cell carcinoma. A supplement may be a good option.
Probiotics Slash Cold Risk
Study reveals a 27% reduced risk of upper respiratory tract infection while using probiotics.
Probitotics: Replenishing Your Good Bacteria Vitamin D and Chronic Back Pain
Vitamin D - A Neglected 'Analgesic' for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
Vitamins, Longevity and A Flawed AMA Study
Will multi-vitamins shorten your life? Read on....
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Special in 2018 Fall Newsletter
Doc Talk
Bone Loss & Bisphosphonate Meds
Doc Talk excerpt
Dear Patients
Holistic physicians in our state are under political attack
DHEA and Cholesterol
Doc Talk excerpt
Men's Health
Doc Talk excerpt
Three Generations of Healers
Doc Talk excerpt
Vitamin D
Weight Management, GERD, and Osteoarthritis
Doc Talk excerpt
Women's Health
Doc Talk excerpt
Current Talks and Classes
Voice Dialogue And the art of Conscious Relationship
Discovering Healthy Communication
IV Therapies
Cardiovascular Disease Chelation Management
Chelation Update
Chelation Update
Oral Chelation
Chelation Update
Office News
Premera Breach
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Spring 2020 Membership Info
IMA Membership Agreement renewal
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