Inflamazyme  90 Capsules

InflamaZyme by BioGenesis is a natural anti-inflammatory support supplement with an exceptional formula comprised of key therapeutic enzymes. These enzymes support both a balanced inflammatory response and fibrinolytic (anti-encapsulation) effect while also providing circulatory and immune support. Inflamazyme also supports healthy digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.*

  • Specialty formula for comprehensive anti-inflammatory and immune support*
  • Supplies amino acids, antioxidants and specialty ingredients for enhanced cellular energy (ATP) production and fatty acid metabolism.
  • Compatible with allopathic chemotherapy and radiotherapy.*
  • Contains nattokinase, serrapeptase, and pancreatin.
  • Formula comprised of key therapeutic enzymes
  • Ingredients have anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic (anti-encapsulation) supportive effects*
  • Additionally supports circulatory and immune function*

InflamaZyme provides a blend of therapeutic enzymes to support immunity, digestion, and tissue healing. As humans have switched to a diet that focuses primarily on processed foods, dietary consumption of enzymes from raw foods has declined, enhancing the need for supplementation. Enzymes are the catalysts in all endogenous biochemical reactions. InflamaZyme is a broadspectrum nutritional enzyme formula that supports numerous biological processes and overall body communication.

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Category Anti-Inflammatory Support & Pain Control