Methyl Factors (B-12, methylated SL drops)

Methyl Factors (Methyl Protect) 500mcg   2oz bottle

Some scientists believe that certain neurological and mental problems are caused in part by a problem with methylation activity. Methylation is the process in which your body transforms one substance into another‚ so that it can be detoxified and removed from your body. If your body’s methylation activity is not up to par‚ you may end up with high homocysteine levels; homocysteine is a non-protein amino acid that may be toxic to your body in large quantities. An overload of homocysteine levels can also contribute to hardening the arteries.

Methyl Protect‚ a quick-acting‚ effective supplement that increases your B vitamin levels. The active ingredients in Methyl Protect are:  Vitamin B6—helps your body produce neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in your brain) and supports the breakdown of homocysteine  Folate—assists with the conversion of homocysteine into a non-toxic substance that can be eliminated from your body safely  Vitamin B12—assists methylation activity‚ reduces the circulation of homocysteine throughout the body‚ and increases red blood cell production.

To use Methyl Protect‚ shake the bottle and dispense 1 mL under your tongue using the included dropper. Afterward‚ hold the liquid under your tongue for two to three minutes before swallowing. Keep Methyl Protect refrigerated after opening. Ask your healthcare provider before using this supplement if you’re pregnant or nursing.

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