Seriphos 1000 mg   100 capsules

Seriphos phospatidyl serine per capsule.  Seriphos is used primarily for calming high cortisol levels; can help with sleep and reducing anxiety/irritability if the underlying cause is high cortisol levels

If you have too much cortisol being secreted by your adrenal glands‚ your body can become resistant to its effects. Cortisol is important because it works to cool inflammation and minimize oxidation under times of stress. If your body becomes less reactive to cortisol‚ you will remain in a state of heightened stress. Studies have shown that serine phosphate derivatives can reduce resistance to cortisol feedback in those who experience excessive cortisol secretion.

Excess cortisol production can prevent the brain from recording new memories and from accessing existing memories. Serine phosphate has been shown to have a beneficial effect on memory retention and recall by preventing or delaying age-related neurotransmitter deterioration or decline.

Seriphos is commonly taken in one dose of one capsule about 20 minutes before or in-between meals with plenty of fluids. The dosage can be worked up gradually as directed by your doctor. For optimal performance‚ take Seriphos about one hour before the time of day when your cortisol levels are most elevated. If you do not know when your levels are elevated‚ talk to your doctor. Seriphos is generally taken for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 9 months. You should discuss dosage with your physician to determine the best plan for you.

If you experience hyperactivity and/or mild insomnia‚ consider eliminating your evening dose and restrict dosages to just before morning and noon meals.


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