Stress Factors

Stress Factors  60 Capsules

Meeting the demands of today's busy lifestyle often means ongoing exposure to stress. From long work hours and traffic jams to bills and family responsibilities‚ it's no wonder that you may feel overburdened‚ burned out‚ or just plain tired.

Ongoing exposure to stress means your body is frequently in fight-or-flight mode. This can cause constant stimulation of cortisol and adrenaline release‚ which can have serious consequences for your health. Both of these hormones have important roles to play when you actually are in serious danger by increasing your access to energy resources‚ heightening alertness‚ preparing to repair any damaged tissues‚ and slowing nonessential bodily processes. However‚ when released on a regular basis these same hormones can leave you feeling worn out and unable to relax. Even worse‚ stress contributes to a range of health problems‚ cardiovascular issues‚ digestive disorders‚ and weight gain. There's even evidence to suggest that stress impairs memory‚ fertility‚ and immune health.

While avoiding stress may seem impossible‚ there are several steps you can take to protect yourself: a balanced‚ nutritious diet; adequate rest; and natural supplements—these are all ways to help your body protect itself against potentially harmful consequences. Biogenesis Nutraceuticals’ Stress X provides a combination of natural ingredients intended to support your body‚ help regulate your moods‚ and shore up your health.

Some of the ingredients in each vegetarian capsule of Stress X include:

  • Vitamin B-6‚ which helps maintain metabolic balance and promotes hormone synthesis; it may also help improve the health of your neurological and cardiovascular systems.
  • L-Theanine‚ which is an amino acid naturally present in green tea that helps regulate mood and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA)‚ which causes you to relax and helps to fight stress.
  • Inositol‚ which helps regulate mood and emotions‚ supports nervous system health‚ and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

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