Ultra Greens pH

Ultra Greens pH 6.8 oz

Ultra Greens pH makes meeting daily nutrient intakes and supporting body pH levels easy. Ultra Greens pH combines micronutrients‚ grasses‚ sea vegetables‚ enzymes‚ and a vegetable blend in a great-tasting powdered formula. The term pH is used to describe acid/alkaline balance. The human body functions optimally at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.2 -7.4. When the body is too acidic‚ it can create a favorable environment for pathogenic yeasts‚ microbes‚ and viruses as well as promote bone loss and cardiovascular decline. Increasing intake of healthy greens through Ultra Greens pH is a simple and convenient way to support balanced body pH and improve overall nutritional balance.


packed with nutrients, high quality "green food"

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Category Nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids