UltraGenesis without Iron

Ultra Genesis without Iron  Comprehensive Multiple Vitamin  180 Capsules

Ultra Genesis without Iron Comprehensive Multiple Vitamin by Biogenesis Nutraceuticals is a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral supplement containing a broad selection of vital nutrients and amino acids that combine to provide a nutritional cornerstone for almost all ages. Its formula supports bone health with vitamin D3 and a highly absorbable ratio of calcium to magnesium. It may also promote liver detoxification while providing a synergistic blend of antioxidants to protect your cells against free radical damage. The adrenal glands are supported with a blend of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and pantothenic acid. Meanwhile‚ the B-vitamin mix containing biotin supports cardiovascular health. This no-iron version of UltraGenesis may be right for you if you have stomach sensitivities and don't need extra iron (many people already tend to get enough from their diet).  UltraGenesis without Iron contains nearly all of the essential vitamins and minerals recommended to meet your daily nutritional requirements. This formula is hypoallergenic and bioavailable‚ meaning that it's easily ingested and absorbed. It’s also suitable for a vegetarian diet. Other nutrients it provides include:  Selenium: a powerful mineral antioxidant that plays a key role in metabolism and in processing proteins. In combination with vitamin E‚ it may protect you from cell damage and boost the immune system.  Trimethylglycine: a nutrient that is active in cellular reproduction and promoting liver health.  Calcium Folinate: An active folic acid that supports the liver.  Mixed Carotenoids: A mix that contains alpha- and beta-carotene‚ lutein‚ and zeaxanthin; these are powerful antioxidants that play a role in bone growth and immunity.

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a high-quality, iron-free multiple for all males and menopausal women in capsule form; the body recycles iron efficiently, and excess iron can cause heart and other problems, so iron supplementation is only recommended for menstruating women and people with documented low iron or anemia; recommended dose is 6 tablets per day, but for those with built-up nutritional status and good diet, taking 3 per day can stretch this into two-month supply

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